Heard on the [HCM] Hill: Equifax

So, truth be told, I’ve never been a huge fan of New Orleans. With all due respect for its history and the incredible tenacity of its residents, my only memories were of decent coffee and beignets. Not the worst memories to have; however, now I have much better ones thanks to the team at Equifax Workforce Solutions.

Equifax FORUM 2015 – their annual customer conference - was held in New Orleans from April 13-15. Aside from Equifax’s laser-like commitment to a top-tier venue and compelling content, the company has a foundation of authenticity and sincerity that can only be achieved when it’s real. You can feel it. And Equifax Workforce Solutions is as real as it gets: The company tackles the tough workplace topics including unemployment taxes, ACA IRS reporting, I-9 audits and, of course, employment verification. None of this is for the faint-hearted.

Among the attendees were prominent industry analysts who are invited to these events. Normally, the agenda involves a day of product demos and presentations. The analyst track at FORUM took a unique twist – the analysts were invited to attend sessions with customers, as well as participate in a round table discussion with the leadership team over lunch. No holds were barred. In fact, company president Dann Adams ditched the PowerPoint and encouraged tough questions on tough topics.

Of course, the HCM analysts are far from shy. Opening the floor to commentary resulted in just that – lots of insights, interactions and information. Dann shared his vision of the future of work, especially how The Work Number – Equifax’s employment verification offering - will be at the core of what drives the workplace on both an employee and employer level.

Later that evening, audible squeals of delight arose from the hundreds of attendees when bus transportation turned out to be actual Mardi Gras floats. FORUM attendees were treated to their own parade through the streets of NOLA. The final destination was a tour of the float warehouse, where there were interesting stories being told by expert tour guides, great food and lots of smiles.

You know you’re in good hands from the start when the event opens with a brass band playing “When the Saints Come Marching In.” Next year’s event is in Austin – and I can’t imagine how they’ll top 2015.