SEO Update – September 2014

Recent algorithm changes to Google, Facebook and other social channels are impacting the organic reach of your online content and placing a higher premium on unique, creative, magazine quality content. In order to maintain and improve your rankings there are several things you need to know:

  • Thin vs. thick content - Think fewer web pages with more content. Length matters; new content to should run 1500 words or more (up to 2500)
    • PR Tip: Have blog posts dig deep, un-gate older assets such as white papers and case studies and post in their entirety to your site
  • Duplicate vs. original - Google is starting to weed out duplicate content and only show a few search results. This is particularly important in regard to how you showcase news stories.
    • PR Tip: Interweave original content with the stock text from releases and advisories when posting to your website.
  • Top-heaviness - With regard to site design and structure, it’s now even more important to put useful text near the top (or above the fold).
    • PR Tip: Minimize size of your site header, eliminate excessive white space and don’t put any forms or links above the fold. Focus should be on text first.
  • Image fabulosity - Engaging, original images should accompany everything.
    • PR Tip: Use original images when you can; otherwise, enlist designers to edit photos and create collages to make the image fresh and unique.
  • Interactive experience - The more interactive elements on a page the better.
    • PR Tip: Incorporate short videos, images and infographics wherever possible. Be mindful of how the interactive elements are added and embedded to the page.

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