A Carnival as Diverse as Any Other

Martin Luther King Monument DC

As we take time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, this Carnival also focuses on the need to respect and nurture diversity. Diversity of gender, thought, skills, ethnicity, cultural background, language and talent contribute to more than just an inclusive place to work. Our experiences, culture, religion, sexual orientation and work history, among other factors, come with us to work each day and affect how we contribute to our organization’s success. While Dr. King led the climb to the mountain top, all of us are an integral part of the journey. In this diversity-themed edition of the HR Carnival, the industry’s always-prolific thought leaders share a range of experiences, perspectives and progress. The Devon Group is thrilled to host this edition of The Carnival and appreciates the range of topics and posts that were contributed.

Without further ado, we present the latest HR Carnival:

Naomi Bloom, at In Full Bloom, shares Ruminations on Being Overweight and Smoking, reminding us we’re all a work in progress.

Prasad OommenKurian, at Simplicity @ the other side of Complexity, is busy Decoding the ‘IR mindset’ and provides 10 defining features of the IR mindset.

Mark Stelzner, at Inflexion Point, draws an analogy from travel to one’s career path in 5 Career Lessons from the Road and reminds us it’s important to know where we are going and to have a plan for getting there.

Ian Welsh, at Toolbox.com, asks whether organizations benefit from diversity in the workplace. He answers the question and provides practical advice in Diversity is Simple – Objectivity Essential! – The Benefit is Clear!

John Kotter, guest blogger at Great Leadership, invites readers to consider the danger of getting too comfortable in Success: A Breeding Ground for Complacency. He explores the value of diversity in thought and recommends bringing the outside in by listening to customer-facing employees.

Ben Eubanks, at UpstartHR, touches on diversity in his review of Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans and uncoversdifferent ways to better meet the needs of employees who are former military service members.

Paul Smith, at Welcome to the Occupation, notes that each of us individually has to strive for equal rights and opportunities on our own terms. He advises readers to become the Captainess of Your Own Ship by deciding our own definition of success and power.

Mike McCarty, at SafeHiring Solution, discusses Pepsi Employment Background Checks and the adverse affects background screening can have on minorities.

Chris Young, at the Human Capital Strategy Blog, checks in on the progress of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream – Changing Company Culture and reminds us that employers should choose employees based on their character, qualifications, and job fit – and that skin color not be a factor.

Through this edition of the Carnival of HR, we are treated to not only to some of the best advice HR professionals have to offer, but the community’s commitment to advancing the dream and creating inclusive workplaces where individuality and respect thrives. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon and be sure to follow us on Twitter @devongroup.

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