#In321 with Josh Schwede, EVP of QUEsocial

#In321 with Josh Schwede, EVP of QUEsocial


1. There’s a lot of buzz in the market about social recruiting. What’s different about QUEsocial?

A lot of time, energy and money has been spent on social recruiting in the past five years, but most of that has been focused on building employer branded social properties such as – Talent Communities, Facebook Careers pages, LinkedIn groups – or pushing job postings to those social properties. Companies have built a good foundation and our clients who leverage QUEsocial extend the value of all that investment as well as tap into new pools of passive talent.

QUEsocial is a next-generation social recruiting platform that uniquely blends employer branding content distribution, gamification and analytics into an engaging, easy-to-use SaaS platform. Clients who use QUEsocial activate individual recruiters and talent ambassadors and enable them to harness social media as an effective and measurable Talent Acquisition channel. There isn’t anything else like QUEsocial in the market. 

QUEsocial exponentially extends the employer branding reach by delivering ‘company approved’ employer branding content to recruiter and talent ambassador fingertips for one-touch sharing via email or SMS to their social networks. Think about if you could get just 10% of your company socially sharing your employer brand story harmoniously with their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook social networks…and then think about the reach they all have. A large percentage of the audience in their reach is not sitting in your CRM or ATS.  Isn't this the talent that hiring managers are always asking recruiters to find? 

Our patent-pending game engine motivates and rewards specific activities to achieve specific Talent Acquisition outcomes – Employee Referrals, Passive Candidate adds to a CRM or ATS, Interviews and Quality Hires. And we provide powerful analytics that directly connect social media activity with measurable business outcomes and hard Return on Investment.         

QUEsocial answers one of the big questions around social recruiting: “what is this getting me?” QUEsocial tracks 25 key metrics with 300+ supporting metrics, so Talent Acquisition teams understand what’s working and what’s not, and can calibrate their efforts to focus on what works – that’s something that hasn't existed to date. 

 2. With the average employer already managing 5-7 recruiting platforms, does it really make sense for them to bring content, gamification and analytics onto one?

I’m glad you asked that because I personally don’t have an appetite to add many more work applications to my life! With that said, nobody has been able to effectively measure the impact that Social Recruiting is having on Talent Acquisition…so something had to be done. 

First of all, QUEsocial also augments and extends existing CRM, ATS and Recruitment Marketing efforts. QUEsocial is built on an open architecture, and can integrate with existing systems and process to directly connect front-end social engagement with recruiting outcomes, and provide a hard ROI for social recruiting that hasn’t existed before.

Because people have so much on their plate, and are short on time, QUEsocial was designed to simplify and streamline the social recruiting process by proactively delivering everything recruiters and talent ambassadors need to their fingertips. One of the things QUEsocial users love is that it’s so easy, and they don’t have to regularly log onto the platform to see tremendous benefit. The ease, simplicity and effectiveness of QUEsocial have resulted in more than 95% user adoption with customers that include Sodexo and Allstate.

We automatically present challenges to share content, grow connections, nurture relationships and convert their networks, and we let them know when they’ve completed them. It’s easy, and seamlessly fits into their everyday recruiting workflows. No need to log in.

Today, company approved employer branding content is difficult to find, distribute, share and track. QUEsocial makes it easy and measurable. So we strongly feel that uniquely blending easy content sharing, gamification and analytics together is necessary to finally figure out what impact a company’s Social Talent Acquisition strategy is having. 

3. As the father of three daughters, how ‘bout those Bears, Josh? Do they have a winning season ahead and are the girls cheering for the home team?

How ‘bout those Bears? I’m psyched! We’re returning all the starters from the #2 Scoring offense in 2013. Our defense is much improved. Given how bad the Cubs have been this summer, the Schwede family can’t wait until football season. My two oldest girls love football (and most sports). We’re still working on my 20 month old...let’s get her out of diapers first and then we can get her into Chicago Bears football.  

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