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After the product launches and funding announcements from earlier this year, this week’s now trending takes a decidedly cultural turn.

Well, except for the trouble at LivingSocial.

Late last week the daily deals site emailed its customers to announce that they had been hacked and not only that but some 50 million users’ data had been compromised. While the announcement may not boost sales, it does keep the company in compliance with data loss disclosure laws.

Moving on to happier developments, discovering new music online recently became a whole lot easier. Between the releases of Spotify Follow, enabling users to subscribe to bands or singers, and the Twitter #Music app, helping users browse trending songs or artists, there is no good reason to keep singing the same old song.

Coincidentally, this week sees us understanding technology in the past while attempting to predict the future. Note these “eerie similarities” from the classic Stanley Kubrick film, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Apple product line. Hopefully Siri will be able to keep her homicidal thoughts at bay. Meanwhile, technology experts are looking at the shape of what’s to come, from headphones that can read the subconscious to rewiring the way the body works.

This week’s distractions include secrets from another time plus some online works of art. Off-beat blog Messy Nessy Chic shared a secret time capsule found locked in the floor of a Tennessee farmhouse. See how Belgium-based designer Manon Wethly just upped the Instagram game with her traditional landscape images interrupted by an airborne beverage or two. Until next time!


Shore Report: Six Months Since Sandy

Shore Report: Six Months Since Sandy

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