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Ah, April. Who doesn’t love a month that begins full of lies and laughter and ends warm and sunny (I hope). This week saw an influx of bad jokes, some real and some we wish weren’t. Let’s take a look:

Facebook Home – Mark Zuckerberg (otherwise known as “The Zuck”) announced the launch of the new Home interface for Android devices. Fortune summarized Home as, “Great for Facebook power users. Provocative toward Google. No help for Apple.” CNN attempted to clarify its use. The world shrugged.

Klout Expands – Users looking to up their Klout will be happy to hear that Instagram now factors into scores. Even though Klout linked up with Instagram in late 2011, the photo-sharing social network had no impact on scores until last week. Bing is also getting in on the action in order to score searches. In case you’re wondering, Ben Affleck still has more Klout than you.

Google Goofs – While some hold out hope that the Google Reader shutdown is just a joke, the search engine giant decided to pull a few pranks on Monday in the spirit of April Fools’ Day. Namely the announcement of Google Nose, bringing smell into search experience – unfortunately, not everyone was laughing

#BeyHereNow (if you’re thirsty) – Pop diva Beyonce went all out hyping the internet for a big announcement set for April 4 at 9 am. Fans eagerly anticipated a new single. Gossip hounds hoped for a pregnancy. What the world got … was a Pepsi. Well, a new campaign at least – with a look back at the many faces of Beyonce and a snippet of her new single … and maybe a Pepsi.

There you have it – another week on the books and an interesting one at that. For next week, we’re hoping someone tells CNN to take it easy with all the italics on their new homepage. Oh, and rumor has it there’s a new iPhone dropping this summer. Until next time. 


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