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This week’s trends find us lurking the best of Google Street View, envying a teenager, looking for new spectacles and making sure our Tweets don’t get us in trouble. Here’s the roundup:

FireMe! – New app tracks job-hatred spread across Twitter. Categorizing employees’ unhappiness into four categories: Haters, Horrible Bosses, Sexual Intercourses and Potential Killers, the app captures and alerts Tweeters that their content could cost them their job. The site also allows any user to insert their Twitter handle and see where they rank on the FireMeter.  Much like a stern parent, the site cautions, “Don’t blame us, instead get responsible.”

Warby Parker Wins Over Ryan Gosling – E-commerce eyewear success story, Warby Parker posted proof that the celebrity heartthrob and walking meme, Ryan Gosling, wears their glasses. Girls worldwide swoon, Warby Parker sales skyrocket, and boyfriends everywhere scowl and suffer through yet another screening of The Notebook.

Yahoo! Buys Smartphone App from Teen – Though he’s yet to graduate high school, 17-year-old Nick D’Alosio is already a millionaire 30 times over and has a job in Yahoo’s London offices. After teaching himself to code at age 12, D’Alosio dreamt up the Summly app while studying for a history test two years ago. Early supporters also include Yoko Ono and Rupert Murdoch.

Secret Door – Opening up the Secret Door transports the user to a random location somewhere on Earth. Well, Google Earth at least. My most recent trip let me explore the Arctic Coast Visitor Center in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada to the Historical Museum of Hokkaido just outside Sapporo in Japan. An interactive travel guide to Google Street View easily accessed from behind your desk.

Facebook Turns Red – While the federal government debates marriage rights, social media channels are overflowing with reposts of the Human Rights Campaign’s now iconic symbol turned red and pink in support of equality. As Mashable notes, many recognizable brands showed support including Budweiser and Martha Stewart Living.

What’s in the cards? Surely more from Yahoo! who seem to ranking high in the headlines, a look to see what’s crawling up the Vine perhaps and maybe even news from new kids on the block like Influenster who just launched a new VoxBox.


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