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Without a doubt, 2013 was a busy year. The world officially went mobile.  Big data became a big deal. Yahoo! sent shockwaves 'round the world by eliminating the option to telecommute. Sheryl Sandberg instructed women to Lean In. The Godfather of HR Tech decided to move on to a life of leisure. Facebook and Twitter went public. So as this year winds down, here’s a look at the trends that we see carrying over into 2014: 

Wearables – Despite a nebulous release date that’s somewhere over the horizon, wearable technology like Google Glass is already becoming a household idea. From interviewing to onboarding, wearable technology has the power to revolutionize HR technology and the way it functions. Rumor has it that Google recently reopened Explorer program in case you’re eager to be the first on the block to wear Glass.

Gamification – Poised to making even the most mundane tasks more fun, gamification is one of those ideas that’s been kicking around for a bit, but we think that 2014 is going to be the year that gamification takes flight. From recruiting to learning and development, engaging the workforce with games can increase productivity, encourage sales and improve corporate culture. The key to successful gamification, however, is making it addictive (see: Candy Crush).

Visual Marketing – Smartphones and mobile devices can make anyone a photographer. And since 2013 worked to solidify Pinterest and Instagram as B2C marketing tools, we see visual marketing becoming a big theme next year, because who doesn’t love a pretty picture? But remember folks, the key word is pretty. Related reading:  How to Get More Likes on Instagram.  

Social Responsibility – Corporate social responsibility is growing. Fresh off the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, today marks the second annual #GivingTuesday, a White House initiative that promotes giving back. In today’s global workplace, it is increasingly important to provide support to those in need. What’s more, a 10-year-survey conducted by the Corporation for Community and National Service found that job seekers who volunteer are more likely to find employment, while organizations with extensive giving and volunteering programs can increase employee engagement and retention.

So there you have it –Team Devon’s officially unofficial 2014 outlook. Although it may be too early to tell what else will revolutionize HR and technology in 2014, we’re eager to find out! 

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