Priority Mail: Using B2B Content for Lead Generation


Building on last year’s trends, 2013 is set to see an increase for just about all things content marketing. As B2B marketers continue to push for lead generation, content creation remains the single most effective tactic at hand. However, B2B content can be a slippery slope. With an increase in the sheer volume of content created, B2B marketers need to stay hip to the significance of compelling, high-value content, rather than just junking up a campaign. Prioritizing lead generation goes beyond throwing things at the wall until something sticks. Here are a few steps to spread valuable content and attract an engaged following:

  1. Beware CCC – Much like hoarding, compulsive content creation can be downright scary. Set a strategy targeting specific types of content, putting benchmarks and goals in place before making the content happen.
  2. Experiment Effectively – Different types of content will see different results. Experiment with an initial strategy to determine the right mix of content types to maximize ROI on lead generation. One size does not fit all in this case.
  3. Subdivide & Repurpose – Within your B2B content strategy, subdivide content goals to really focus in on lead generation. Repurposing content could turn an email marketing campaign into $700,000 worth of leads.
  4. Stay Social – There is no denying the impact social media channels offer B2B marketers. In fact, recent data shows that “social media helped over 56% of B2B marketers acquire new business partnerships."
  5. Be Trendy – Sure, trends come and go but don’t ignore the value of hot communication methods when on the hunt for lead generation. The use of research reports, videos, mobile content, and virtual conferences are all way up year over year.

With no sign of slowing down, keeping up with the rise of B2B content is the marketer’s best bet for lead generation. The most effective B2B content is tailored to fit strategic campaigns designed to boost engagement and promote brand awareness. Channel by channel, prioritized content can net the qualified leads every business desires.

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