Restoring the Shore to Glory: Life after Sandy

Image by  Sister72 .

Image by Sister72.

In the wake of last week's Hurricane Sandy, the Jersey Shore suffered an unprecedented level of devastation. Right here in Monmouth County, several towns are just beginning to dig out while thousands still wait for power to be restored. Just a few minutes south of our offices, the famed Asbury Park boardwalk sits closed off to the public. A tall chain-link fence divides Ocean Avenue, shielding residents from the remains of Madame Marie's, Convention Hall, and the beach. Published in September 2012, Asbury Park Reborn: Lost to Time and Restored to Glory,captures the best and brightest landmarks in the city by the sea's history and its future. From its teetotalism origin to its current place in rock and roll history, Asbury Park is a longstanding beacon of hope at the Jersey Shore. The book's authors, Joseph G. Bilby and Harry Zeigler, document buildings and monuments in three areas of town: North, Downtown, and South Asbury Park -- each one a testament to the city's triumphs and struggles.

The legendary story of Asbury Park is filled with colorful characters who grace the book's pages. Some, like Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny, are familiar faces while others would just be names if not for their contributions to the city. Buildings such as Steinbach's Department Store and Howard Johnson's enjoying new life in the 21st century are still standing after the storm – evidence that Asbury Park will no doubt rise to glory again.

As we wait to regain a feeling of normalcy, we are already working to rebuild and restore the Shore. The Asbury Park Press  is featuring countless ways to donate and volunteer and every bit is appreciated. For more information about Asbury Park, go to, to learn more about Asbury Park Reborn, visit

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