Spring into the Carnival or Bring on the Allergies, We’re Tired of Complaining About Snow!

Spring into the Carnival or Bring on the Allergies, We’re Tired of Complaining About Snow!

Open the windows, beat the rugs and actually move the couch when you vacuum. Spring is just days away, and The Devon Group is attempting to melt those last bits of snow with warmer thoughts and a Spring Cleaning themed Carnival of HR. We asked bloggers to share posts on tidying up HR processes, refreshing business strategies and fresh perspectives on old ideas for this edition.

In Full Bloom kicks off the Carnival with a modest rant on human capital technology advertising and setting expectations for a successful solution migration. Naomi Bloom says that “No HCM Pain/Rethink/Disruption, Then Little Business Gain.”

Jesse Lyn Stoner from the Seapoint Center asks readers to clean up their (and others’) perceptions about change in “Why Nobody Noticed You Changed and 5 Things You Can Do.” Learn what you can do to make others realize your positive behaviors and improvements at work.

Awake from your hibernation and turn your focus to recruiting fitness. At the Meshworking blog, Allison Kelley shares real-case success stories and helpful hints for interviewing for cultural fit in “Survival of the Fittest: How to Find Candidates that Fit Your Company Culture.”

Death by Onboarding: it’s a form of torture equivalent to 10 northeastern snow storms, and Amy Hirsh Robinson tells us how to avoid it on the Human Capital Institute blog. “What Really Belongs in Your New Employee Orientation” highlights ways that employers can provide a positive experience for their new hires.

Bring life to employee communications with video, as suggested by Ben Eubanks at UpStartHR. His blog “Employee Communications: Stop Emailing Your Employees” offers a compelling case (and infographic) for including this medium in your employee outreach. 

The Greenhouse blog provides a breath of fresh air, asking us to reconsider the value of key recruiting metrics. “Monday Metric: Is it Time to Rethink Time to Hire,” discusses the drawbacks of using time to hire as an indicator of success and provides suggestions for making those numbers actually matter.

Tom McGuire outlines big shifts in the value creation engine, from “making and moving” to “thinking and creating,” in “Leadership and the Knowledge Worker.” Check out the Designs on Talent blog to understand what this means for intellectual capital and the role of the manager.

Employee recognition may be one of the most written about topics in HR today. The team at Brandon Hall Group offers a new perspective on making employees feel valued in “3 Cheers for Recognition.”

Daylight Savings is not the only way to add extra working hours to your day. In “Are Your Staff Wasting Your Time?” Pernille Ravnskov of Lumesse suggests managers let go of the reins a bit and build a staff of capable experts to achieve team goals.

Spring is a time for growth, and Susan Mazza believes its roots are best fed with practice. Random Acts of Leadership explores plans that work for leadership development in “Are You Practicing Enough?

Just in time for allergy season, the GuideSpark blog offers insight on consumer-driven health plans and how they can help employers tackle some of their benefits challenges. Read “The Savvy HR Team’s Guide to Promoting Health Care Consumerism in 2015” for details and great ideas.

An oldie but goodie:  in “Spring cleaning: 4 tips to declutter your work,” Dubai-based blogger Sandrine Bardot shares her best practices to help Compensation & Benefits pros examine pain points, tackle back-burner projects and identify quick wins.

Thanks for reading this edition of Carnival of HR at The Devon Group blog. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest from our team.

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