Step right up - the Carnival of HR is here!

As usual, there’s a fantastic collection of thought-provoking perspectives on everything from why HR organizations need to embrace technology and deliver a better user experience to whether employees should be allowed to work at their desks through lunch. Whatever you’re hungry for, the insightful bloggers who contribute to The Carnival have once again served up an appetizing array of HR thought leadership. The Devon Group is delighted to host this edition of The Carnival. In celebration of the upcoming Presidents’ Day weekend, we are sharing Seven Leadership Lessons from Seven Presidents.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a post. Grab your peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jacks and let the games begin!

Mary Jo Asmus, at Leadership Solutions, asks What Makes Executive Coaching Different?One tip: it requires approaching the coaching with gusto!

Mark Bennett, at Talented Apps, acknowledges that we may need to play the renegade from time to time to build a stronger, more flexible organization in Paragons and Renegades.

Naomi Bloom, at In Full Bloom, covers the need for analysts to express their subject matter knowledge and domain expertise in insightful, lean and durable patterns in So You Think You’re an HRM Business Analyst/Product Strategist.

Wally Bock, at Three Star Leadership, gives us his take on performance management in If I were Christina Aguilera’s Boss.

Steve Boese, at Steve’s HR Technology, predicts it’s just a matter of time until HR responds “there’s an app for that” when asked “Where’s the Employee Handbook Again?

Brenna Comacchio, at Coaching Ourselves, stresses that now is the time to coach and mentor employees in Professional Development as a Performance Incentive.

Lynn Dessert, at Elephants at Work, wants to know how do you interact or work with someone who has Unrealistic Expectations?What Do You Do?

Ben Eubanks, at UpstartHR, is hungry for discussion about workplace policies such as a Policy on Working through Lunch.

Susan Healthfield, at’s Human Resources Blog, explores the power of on-the-job training to enhance employee development in Want Powerful On-the-Job Training?

Kristen Frasch, at HRE Leader Board, asks Did Negligence Contribute to an Employee’s Death? Key takeaway:  Rules will not necessarily protect an employer from liability if it can be shown that those rules were not enforced.

Kevin Grossman, at Marcom HRSay, boldly advises letting go of individuals who cannot be empowered, developed or trained inDid you get that last part? Don’t be afraid to fire. Period.

Michael Haberman, SPHR, at HR Observations, notes that  If you Don’t Know the FLSA, you are Probably in Trouble, making this a must read.

Deirdre Honner, at Women of HR, explores the value in Staying Current and notes that she changed her definition of staying current at work to staying current in life.

Dwayne Lay, at Lean HR, hits a home run withPlaying HR for Albert Pujols, illustrating the salary calculations and hard decisions that HR professionals make every day.

Benjamin McCall, at ReThink HR, examines how hard it is to build a moment and inspire change in If you Build It.

Dan McCarthy, at Great Leadership, tells us How to Pass the Leadership Baton, including a list of dos and don’ts for setting team members up for success.

Trish McFarlane, at HR Ringleader, proclaims love is in the air – and it can make for good managers. What’s love got to do with it? Read Does Being in Love Make you a Better Manager?

Lois Melbourne, at Aquire Blog, shares lessons of graciously giving and graciously receiving in Give and Receive So Much.

Eric Meyer, at The Employer Handbook, discusses How the Facebook Firing Settlement Affects your Company.

Jennifer Miller, at The People Equation, gives us the scoop on The Snowball Effect: When Small Workplace Offenses Grow Out of Control.

Cathy Missildine-Martin, SPHR, at Profitability Through Human Capital, answers the question,Do you know any success stories from predictive analytics in HR?

Erik Samdahl, at i4CP, shares how evidence-based approaches to building talent strategies can contribute to higher performing companies in Do People Drive Business? You Bet your Assets.

Laura Schroeder, at Working Girl, highlights maternity leave as a differentiator to attract, retain and engage talented people in Modern Workforce: Maternity Leave.

Paul Smith, at Welcome to the Occupation, asks Where Will it END(A)? Here he urges HR professionals to exert their power of influence and take employment equality to the next level.

Mark Stelzner, at Inflexion Advisors, wants to know if you’d call someone out for an online lie or if you believe LinkedIn is the most truthful representation of an individual’s body of work in this post on Social Honesty.

Amy Wilson, at Shiny & Useful, provides a guide to leveraging data in an illuminating and useful way in Talent Producer vs. Bad Manager: Is there an analytic for that?

That wraps up this rendition of the Carnival of HR – the best advice and resources that HR professionals around the globe offer every other week. Thank you for stopping by. Come again soon or follow us on Twitter @devongroup.

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