The Move


We're finally coming up for air after having moved our New Jersey offices a mere 10 miles north of our previous location. The world of commercial real estate is one that consistently boggles my imagination; however, with this - our fourth move in almost 15 years - we finally got it right by working with top-notch professionals who guided the entire process flawlessly.  New address:  1715 Highway 35 North, Suite 106, Middletown, NJ  07748.  The name of the building is One Arin Park, made somewhat famous by its tenants, which include several prominent politicians. The divided highway - complete with New Jersey's famous jug handle turns - takes some getting used to but we're settling in.

New phone and fax:  732-706-0123 and 732-706-0199, respectively.  Our old numbers do forward so no need to memorize the new ones.

Now, back to business!

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